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What is Valley City Green Dot?

Imagine a map of Valley City...

...and every time someone uses their words or actions to harm someone a red dot appears on that map. A red dot is the moment someone chooses to strike their partner, someone waits unwanted at an ex-partner's home, someone verbally abuses a child. But now imagine a green dot appears on that map every time someone uses their words or actions to prevent a red dot by checking in on a friend they were worried about, by causing a distraction to deescalate a situation, or by calling police or safety officers. The more of these green dots we have, the more red dots are ended and eventually prevented. Green Dots can also be sharing social media posts about violence prevention or attending a bystander training. They all show that we don't tolerate violence in Valley City. The more space on the map we fill with green dots, the safer our communities are. Are you ready to do your part? What's your green dot?


The Three Ds

Tools for Reactive Green Dots

When you notice a possible Red Dot happening, what can you do to help? Take a beat to check in with yourself and use one of the 3 Ds: 1. Direct, 2. Delegate, and 3. Distract.

A DIRECT green dot is doing something yourself like telling a friend to stop demeaning their partner or checking on someone you feel may be in a dangerous situation.

A green dot that DELEGATES is asking someone else for help or to intervene like letting a bartender know when you heard someone make predatory comments about another bar goer or calling the police when you hear neighbors fighting.

A green dot that DISTRACTS uses surprise to interrupt a possible red dot situation without ever acknowledging the situation like asking someone to go to the bathroom with you or starting your car horn when you hear or see possible violence.


About Us

Who we are and what we do

Here at Valley City Green Dot, we know that together, we have the ability to have a huge impact on our communities. We want to be a catalyst for positive change, and do so through community engagement, education, and empowerment. We know that through acknowledging the problems our community may face, learning skills to diffuse those problems, and practicing those skills in fun and safe ways, we can #endviolenceinVC and make our community safe.

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